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The Bowen Clinic The Bowen Technique in Robertsbridge, East Sussex

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Excellence in bodywork requires experience, skill and dedication

Each appointment lasts 45 minutes to an hour. That time is yours, though the treatment may vary in duration according to what is needed.

At the begining of the initial consultation we will discuss your current symptoms and your medical history. This will be documented for future use and will be supported by detailed case notes for each appointment. The treatment given and the response I perceived at the time will also be noted. These notes will be kept for a minimum of 7 years. Whilst apparently irrelevant , historic events may not appear important to you, given the right understanding they may be, and may serve as a pointer to me when considering the best treatment for you.

On following appointments you will be asked how you responded to the treatment and how the symptoms have changed. Please give me as much information as possible, including symptoms or occurences that you feel may not be relevant, as I take a holistic approach to the body.

The treatment room is warm, private and comfortable, designed to make you feel relaxed. I use a wide massage couch as they are more comfortable. I can however treat patients sitting or standing if necessary. Young babies are usually treated in their parents arms, though some are happy on the couch.

I prefer to work directly on skin as it gives me a better sense of touch and greater sensitivity. All underwear is retained and your privacy is respected. You will be covered in thick warm towels to help you relax. If you do not feel comfortable undressing, such as when pregnant or if you are elderly then it is possible to be treated through loose, light clothing. Lycra is the enemy of gentle touch, so not too much please!

Breaks are taken during the treatment, during which I will leave the room to help you relax and allow the body to absorb the information it has received and respond. Upon returning to you, my hands will be able to feel the changes that have taken place, guiding me to areas that need further work.

Depending on the nature, severity and duration of the discomfort or injury, after just a few sessions your body should feel free of tension, out of pain and in balance. If you are continually re-injuring, such as with repetitive strain injuries, more treatment may be needed before the desired result is achieved. As part of the consultation we will also discuss ergonomics and movement strategies to help alleviate the impact of the activity.

Your body will continue to respond to the treatment for several days. There should be no significant discomfort but mild aches may occur as your body adjusts and soft tissue starts to function correctly again. These usually pass quickly. If you have any concerns please feel free to call me and discuss it with me directly.

I will recommend that Bowen is not mixed with other therapies in the initial stages of treatment as both you and I need to know how you are responding as it will guide my next course of action. By mixing it with other therapies we will have no clear picture of what is going on. Medical prescriptions should be continued as usual.

In the intial stages appointments are usually 7 days apart. Only on rare occasions or in instances of acute injuries do I treat more frequently. the time between appointments will lengthen as your condition improves. For some patients a maintenance programme of one treatment every 1-3 months will be recommended to ensure you remain in optimum form.

Whilst my primary therapy remains The Bowen Technique due to efficacy, other therapies amy be recommended as part of the overall course of treatment, if I feel they are necessary to allow you to return to optimum health. This could include myofascial release, posture analysis. structural integration, yoga based exercises, emotional freedom techniques, deep relaxation, bach flower remedies etc.

If a specific exercise would be beneficial to your recovery this will be demonstrated and supervised to ensure you are doing it correctly and effectively.

After a course of Bowen you will become much more aware of your body and how is it functioning. This will allow you to take appropriate action more quickly and so avoid pain in the future.

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